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Inspection of consignments

AP04 Accreditation Programme for laboratories

In the Netherlands the inspection of consignments of soil, builing materials and granular waste materials is regulated. This ensures that every of these consignments must by accompanied by a declaration of its chemical quality. Thanks to this, the degree of acceptance of these consignments in projects is comparatively high in this country. This is important, because it means a considerable reduction in the use of 'primary' soil and building materials in construction and infrastructure projects.

The sampling of the consignments may only be performed by a company carrying the appropriate license, which is based on a certificate for BRL SIKB 1000 or an accreditation for AS SIKB 1000. The analyses of the samples (inspection) may only be performed by laboratories carrying the appropriate license, which is based on an accreditation based on the criteria in the Accreditation Programme AP04, Inspection of consignments of soil, building materials and granular waste materials. AP04 consists of a document with the general requirements, AP04-A, and five documents with the specific requirements as to the laboratory analyses. These documents are listed below.

Warning: whereas we have translated all but one of these documents into English, none of these translated documents represent the official current version. Until we are able to maintain the English language versions as well as the official Dutch versions we only publish the English versions to present you with an idea of the type of requirements they contain. Please note that the current Dutch language versions do contain a summary in English of the key elements.

The document AP04-SB (analysis of building materials other than soil) has not yet been translated into English.

AP04 documents (downloads)

AP04-A General     8 03-10-2013 English version 
AP04-E Analysis of eluates     3 03-03-2005 English version 
AP04-SG Soil Composition     7 03-03-2005 English version 
AP04-U Leaching investigation     4 03-03-2005 English version 
AP04-V Sample pre-treatment     4 03-03-2005 English version