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Protocol 0101 data exchange

Protocol for the digital exchange of soil data

SIKB has developed a protocol for the digital exchange of soil data. The objective of this protocol is to provide a standard exchange format for digital soil data for the sector as a whole, to prevent errors due to the inability to exchange digital data unambiguously. Unambiguous digital data exchange will also improve data management at the site or organisation level.

The structure of the protocol is such that all data exchange needs can be met with a uniform XML protocol. The protocol was designed to be flexible enough to allow future development. The composition of the data set which can be exchanged is determined by the contents of the relevant systems. The project leading up to the protocol specifically did not address what data should be exchanged.

The protocol has initially been developed for the Dutch internal market and has therefore been written in Dutch. We feel however that this product could be of use for the international community of soil remediation professionals. With this in mind we present a translation of two documents that are part of the protocol:

SIKB-protocol 0101 (version 10.2.0) contains (in pdf) the technical requirements for certification of relevant software.

SIKBCodes (version 10.0.0) shows (in pdf) the translation of the codes in the domaintables.

Important note: the documents are presented here for purposes of orientation and information only. They are translations of formal documents in Dutch. The Dutch version of SIKB-protocol 0101 is, with BRL SIKB 0100, the basis for certification of software, indicating the ability of the software to exchange data through the XML-format of SIKB-protocol 0101. The XML-format has not been translated into English. For more information please contact SIKB.